What are you waiting for?

Debbi epitomizes passion, so it’s no surprise that she is an absolute sensation at what she does as a life and passion coach. I met her when she was a spunky, go-getter realtor in her early thirties, I was wowed by her entrepreneurial ways in her forties, by the creation of her own brand, and I am continually impressed by her giving and inspiring nature in her fifties, helping instill confidence and fuel that belly fire in all of her clients.

Debbi is one of the reasons, if not the most major one, that my novel is in print and in the hands of friends, family, strangers-turned-friends, and a readership (and even fan base!) that I could only have dreamed of. She had me on weekly Zoom meetings with her, assigning me homework (e.g., start a Facebook group, put the last touches on my manuscript), asking me, “What are you waiting for?” Then when I finally decided to stop waiting, she went beyond her call of duty and hosted two of my first book readings in the Bay Area.

And she did it all with her signature wide smile, her comfy-cozy and stylish pullovers and beanie, her easygoing yet tough, uncompromising demeanor, her social media savvy, her unparalleled knowledge of a wide range of industries, and her gigantic heart.

Hire this woman! Or just be her friend! She will fill you with light and love and passion like you’ve never seen before.