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Just as a foundation is crucial to a home, the same goes for a solid foundation for your business. Is YOUR marketing house in order? If not, let’s work together to build a solid foundation for your business, service, product or brand.

Or…  seeking to achieve that personal goal or launch that passion project? If you have a GOAL let me help you achieve that goal. Let’s partner up for your success!

There is no force more Powerful than a Woman determined to Rise

The following 5 programs are my way of helping my clients follow their passion and live their purpose. 

  • Life Coach
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Real Estate Coaching
  • Product/Brand Consulting
  • Book Coach

Let’s do the thing…

EDUCATE | Communicate | INSPIRE | Collaborate | CONNECT

The DiMaggio Difference

Debbi is to coaching & enhancing the lives of others as Joe DiMaggio is to baseball; a charismatic winner with an exuberant style all her own. Also, it just so happens that legendary Baseball player, Joe DiMaggio is her third cousin! Not only is Debbi an experienced Realtor, but also a multi-talented author, Life Coach and marketing expert.

Follow Your Passion, Live Your Purpose.

Career, Confidence, Self Improvement, Goal Setting… Real Estate, Health & Wellness.

Book a 30 minute complimentary contained conversation and if you find value we can book future sessions.

unconditional support

Debbi is magical!  Debbi is also organized, motivated, inspiring. When I wanted to start a in Real Estate, I called Debbi and her husband, Adam. She told me about her consulting services and I signed up immediately.  Over the next several weeks, we put together the tools and worked on skills that set me up… Read more “unconditional support”

Renee Maher- Realtor
Real Estate Coaching Client

Debbi gave me a voice, a purpose, and her unconditional support

I was introduced to Debbi a little over a year ago, after my sister had suddenly passed away earlier that year. Before meeting Debbi. I had come across a company that intrigued me. Upon realizing I wanted to get involved, I knew I needed a plan. That’s when Debbi came into my life to help… Read more “Debbi gave me a voice, a purpose, and her unconditional support”

Lisa Ingalls-Young Goat Brand Ambassador Co-Founder of Lori Ann Foundation *Co-Founder of The Italian Bella and The Southern Gentleman Podcast
Social Media Marketing Consultant Client

What are you waiting for?

Debbi epitomizes passion, so it’s no surprise that she is an absolute sensation at what she does as a life and passion coach. I met her when she was a spunky, go-getter realtor in her early thirties, I was wowed by her entrepreneurial ways in her forties, by the creation of her own brand, and… Read more “What are you waiting for?”

Casey Cui-Groovy Girl
Book Coaching Client

You would be lucky to work with her and to call her a friend!

I came to Debbi working long hours and to say I was running out of steam is an understatement! She quickly jumped as a life/business coach strategist on how to take care of myself! Health is wealth and I have since added clean eating, exercise and made my well being an absolute must. I have… Read more “You would be lucky to work with her and to call her a friend!”

Mary Cutler
Life Coaching Client

Happy Clients

Read testimonials from many clients that I have worked with that had amazing results.

The Di Maggio Difference Marketing Guide.

Get The Top 5 Marketing Platforms for your Business, Service, Product or Brand Guide.