helping others give success true meaning

I was introduced to Debbi a little over a year ago, after my sister had suddenly passed away earlier that year. Before meeting Debbi. I had come across a company that intrigued me. Upon realizing I wanted to get involved, I knew I needed a plan. That’s when Debbi came into my life to help me with this process. Once Debbi and I had our first meeting over Zoom, I immediately knew she was my new social media coach, as well as a part of my circle. Debbi began to put a plan in motion and set goals for me to achieve along the way.

Over a year later, Debbi has brought me out of my comfort zone and given me a voice to ask for what I want. With her help, guidance, and support, I now have more than 11,000 followers on social media. I am also the official brand ambassador for Young Goat, which was the company that brought us together. I have met so many amazing people through all of this, from all over the world people I am now lucky enough to call friends. 

As the brand ambassador for Young Goat, I am now booking speaking engagements to share my stories about grief, loss, mental health, and involvement with Young Goat, who will also be joining in on these talks via satellite from London. 

I never would have believed I do any of this, and I know I certainly couldn’t be where I am today without Debbi giving me a voice, a purpose, and her unconditional support.  I know this is not the end of my story__ it’s just the beginning. I am excited to see what other goals Debbi will set for me to achieve. I know I will continue to grow under her leadership.

I always say she is a force of nature and I am beyond grateful for everything she has taught me and done for me.

Lisa Ingalls
Young Goat Brand Ambassador
Co-Founder of Lori Ann Foundation
*Co-Founder of The Italian Bella and
The Southern Gentleman Podcast
(launching soon)

Thank you Lisa for your recommendation! Helping others gives success true meaning. It has been fun watching you grow! I look forward to seeing what comes next?

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