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My Interview with KC Armstrong for Contained Beauty Coaching

Each morning when I awake I am excited to greet the day; even when I get up between 4:30 and 5AM with our kitties, Rigatoni and Tortellini aka Riggs and Lini. For this very reason is why I have chosen to formally launch my coaching business, Contained Beauty, Find Your Purpose, Live Your Passion. I would like everyone to feel as I do, elated to go off to work, achieve their dreams and conquer their goals. So don’t hide! Come out and play! Let’s make it happen for you!

live your passion!

Who Is:

KC Armstrong is best known for his work as a cast member and producer on The Howard Stern Show, both on radio and television. KC was a permanent fixture on the Stern Show for over a decade. In addition to radio, KC also had daily appearances on E! Network and CBS throughout his tenure with Howard Stern.

Interested in finding your purpose, living your passion? Book an appointment with Contained Beauty.

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