A woman walking down a narrow street in italy

heart stopping, jaw dropping

Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions. -Peter Hoeg

Traveling to new places, gets my heart pumping fast. The anticipation of a my next adventure –to a new city, town, village or country makes the ends of my mouth turn up while my eyes produce tears out of nowhere.

I can’t explain it.

I can simply be watching a show on TV and the sheer beauty literally brings a tear to my eye. The old world architecture and unique arrangement of each town from the buildings to the colorful market places makes me weak in the knees. I read once that it is a ‘thing,’ to become emotional when looking at old buildings. My husband thinks its crazy.

Whether it’s the narrow, winding streets, the decrepit old buildings, the unknown people passing by, the different cars, the steep stairwells, the magnificent and jaw dropping views, the craggy hillsides, the way the light accentuates a village, old men on bikes, women carrying fresh produce, the cafes full of happy people, the vertical cliffs, the ancient ruins, the brilliant pink bougainvillea or the deep blue sea, the list goes on. Oh how I love Italy and the South of France, and so look forward to visiting new, old places very soon. Perhaps Croatia, Turkey, even Israel.

Life is but a journey to places unknown.

Where will you travel next?

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