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Travel makes me sparkle


Feeling a bit contained & constrained?

Early in the year when the pandemic and lock down was well underway I found a variety of ways to keep myself busy and my mind stimulated. It was then when I discovered YouTube videos. Adam put up a flat screen TV in our Peloton room and that is when I started watching videos while riding my bike. It didn’t take long for YouTube to hone in on my favorite things. 

Travel… Beautiful Places ( Lots of Italy ) Interesting People, Exquisite Architecture and Mega Yachts; key word, LUXURY. 

I even began watching cooking shows, after I started baking –for the first time in my life! The cooking shows I enjoy take place in beautiful places — but I am certain you would have guessed that. From “Cooking with Giada in Italy” to Paul Hollywood’s “City Bakes,” as well as one of my morning wake up videos hosted, shot and produced by Kylie Flavell — Kylie’s show is a mix of everything from her fondness of Italy, the people to the food, cooking, destinations, architecture and design. You’re invited into her life to enjoy, almost feel the beauty in everything she does, feel and taste from the food, the feel of her home, and the way she captures beauty in each frame, a breathtaking cinematic journey.

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