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How has the real estate landscape in your community changed due to COVID?

In your experience, how has the pandemic impacted real estate in your area? Do you foresee these changes being permanent, or things going back to normal when the pandemic is over?

  • 1. I prefer the way the landscape of real estate has evolved since COVID rearranged the way we transact real estate today. As an agent of 30 years ​I prefer spending time showing homes rather than waiting for my Buyers to attend open houses on their own.
  • 2. Less lingering, more ACTION, more education, more human contact (with a mask and using tech) + more closed deals. And I do hope it stays as it is today. I like the new normal as it pertains to the changes in how we buy, sell and show real estate.
  • 3. Today, when we work with our Buyers, agents are able to spend more quality time together and really get to know what they like and don’t like so much faster. Because Buyers have to sign a PEAD disclosure and commit to an appointment Buyers are less likely to waste time on homes they haven’t scrutinized. And since they are not traveling for work or leisure they have more time to focus on house hunting. It really speeds up the process and is more efficient. 
  • 4. I don’t miss Open Houses or Broker Tours. Why? Because Buyers start their search on line, so as soon as a listing hits the market an interested Buyer will oftentimes see the home online before the Broker Open has even occurred. And if the Buyer is interested will contact their agent to take a look, or in Pre COVID times, might wait until the open house. But during COVID, Buyers contact their agent right away to schedule an appointment so they don’t miss an opportunity.
  • 5. We now experience more quality time with Buyers, more quality time for the education process and building a solid foundation (no pun intended). I think it is refreshing. Some might say old fashioned and behind the times, but for me real estate will always be about providing the best experience and the highest level of personalized service, just as the staff from the CEO down to Food & Beverage and the Pool Attendants* offer to each and every guest who visit any FOUR SEASONS Hotel and Resort across the world. 

Real estate is based on relationships, and technology cannot replace the human touch.

As my tag line states, Where everyone from plumbers and electricians and other tradespeople, to each and every client, no matter their price point, is treated like a VIP.

Change is sometimes, for the better. Without change we cannot move forward.​​

​*Pool Attendants: One stay at the Four Seasons Baltimore I asked our pool attendant why every single staff member at every Four Season Hotel or Resort consistently provides such exemplary service no matter their position. He replied, “they treat us the way they want us to treat our guests.” WOW! How simple and, yet so effective.

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