Dude Ranch, perhaps?


As it so happens when we are on vacation we have the time and the imagination to throw around other possible vacation options. We were in Lake Tahoe sitting out on the Lake in our boat, and Chase said that he wanted to go horseback riding –but I thought it would be more fun to horseback off trail so I suggested we go to a dude ranch. I have always wanted to go to a dude ranch — but then Adam interrupted my romantic vision when he said.. “so you are going to shovel poop?” A working dude ranch.. no, I didn’t have that in mind. My idea of a dude ranch is horseback riding, spa, yoga, horseback riding, massage, facial… no where in my vision am I shoveling poop or grooming horses. Mmm… I better reconsider or find a dude ranch that fits my vision. Here’s a place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming I think I might just enjoy, Caldera House.

This is the closest I have ever gotten to a dude ranch — a One & Only Emirates Resort in the Australian outback. Simply blissful. As it so happens, this luxurious five star resort did include horseback riding and spa treatments. I cannot wait to go back to the beautiful Wolgan Valley, Down Under.

Have you ever experienced a dude ranch? Please do share.

This was our mother, daughter trip with Bianca, my mom and I. My mom and I went to visit Bianca while she was living and working in Australia for a year after she graduated from CU Boulder. It was an amazing trip! Clearly you can see Bianca handled the bow and arrow quite a bit better than me. I could barely pull the bow back.

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